Apartment "BRANKOW 18"Apartment "BRANKOW 22"Apartment "KALEMEGDAN"Apartment "ADA"Apartment "BRANKOW 32"

Apartment "BRANKOW 18"

One-bedroom with terrace with beautifull look on Brankova street, Hotel “Moskva” and New Belgrade riverside. Apartment is very good for couples and small groups of tourists or business people.

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Apartment "BRANKOW 22"

One-bedroom apartment with two big rooms and very nice look to the city from 6th floor. Apartment is very good for couples and small groups of tourists or business people.

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Apartment "KALEMEGDAN"

Two-bedroom apartment on great location. Apartment is great for big groups of 6 guests and its close to Kalemegdan fortress. Apartment is located in the most quite part of center of Belgrade, and good for sleep and rest.

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Apartment "ADA"

Two-bedroom apartment for big groups on Ada Lake. Apartment is for 6 guests who likes ada contain: swimming, night life in clubs, tennis, american football, nature running, beach wit all equipment, restaurants, and etc.

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Apartment "BRANKOW 32"

Quallity and new apartment whis is located very close to “Brankov bridge”. Apartment with two rooms for sleeping with very comfortable beds. Its fo 4 persons. Apartment is on 2nd floor. Nice look to Sava River and Belgradewater front.

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GOLDEN STYLE apartments-  W E L C O M E!

If you need a short-term rental apartments in Belgrade have come to the right place. We provide you with: rent an apartment directly from the owner, a simple way of booking, the omission of the agency, the possibility of negotiating the terms of your stay in Belgrade, and others.

„GOLDEN STYLE apartments“ has four apartments: „ADA“, „BRANKOW 18″, „BRANKOW 22″  and “Kalemegdan”.
Apartment „ADA“ is located in Ada. In the vicinity of the Belgrade Fair, Hippodrome, Ada Bridge, Centar and Kosutnjak. The city center can be reached easily and quickly.Accommodation in our apartments is suitable for all visitors to the city of Belgrade, which come from the direction of the Ibar highway and Obrenovac times, because our apartments are located at the intersection of these roads. Also, it is suitable for all those coming direction of the Belgrade-Zagreb-Beograd, because the apartment comes very easily, through Gazelle and a new bridge over Ada.

Apartment „BRANKOW 18″ and „BRANKOW 22″ are located in the center of Belgrade.300 – 500m from the apartment is: „Knez Mihailova“ street, fortress and historical park „Kalemegdan“, the National Theatre, „Obilicev venac“, main bus station, central train station, shopping mall „Usce“, well-known street „Terazije“, big market place „Zeleni venac“, Hotel „Moscow“, Faculty of Economics, sport center „Gale Muškatirović“ ex. May 25th, „Sava“ river with bicycle paths on coast, etc..

There is no need to throw money at expensive hotels in Belgrade. „Belgrade Apartments“ offers excellent value for money. Instead of renting a small room in a hotel, book fully furnished apartment which guarantees a quiet room and privacy.

„GOLDEN STYLE apartments“  are in offer of world travel agency for short stay: www.tripadvisor.comwww.airbnb.comwww.flipkey.comwww.housetrip.com,www.only-apartments.com, which is guarentee of experince, quality and trust.

„GOLDEN STYLE apartments“ are perfectly clean and safe. The highest level of hygiene is our top priority. During your stay in one of the apartments, no one will disturb you. Belgrade is one of the safest cities, and you can walk the streets of Belgrade, at any time. „GOLDEN STYLE apartments“ are adapted to the issuance of short-term and have everything you need for tourists, business people and other visitors. About the equipment of our apartments you can get information on apartments.

„GOLDEN STYLE apartments“ informs you about: what to see, what to visit, where to go and how to easily discover all the hidden beauties of Belgrade!
Your satisfaction is our top priority!